Store set up

Vendor signs up for an account on the marketplace, providing necessary details, bank info and product listings.

Order receipt and review

Order notification comes in via notification, email, and dashboard. The vendor reviews order details, delivery location and time, and special instructions if any.

Order acceptance

The vendor confirms the order acknowledging their ability to fulfill it. If appropriate, inventory is updated to maintain accurate levels.

Order Processing

The vendor prepares the items for shipping, including packaging and labeling. Shipping labels and invoice printing.

Shipping and Fulfillment

The platform has already scheduled a driver for delivery orders. Once the order is dispatched, the vendor updates the order status on the marketplace platform and provides the customer with tracking information.

Customer Communication

The vendor communicates with the customer regarding order status, and tracking details, and answers any queries the customer might have.

After-Sale Service

After the customer receives the order, the vendor may encourage them to leave feedback or a review on the marketplace. If the customer is not satisfied, the vendor handles returns or exchanges according to the marketplace’s policies and their own return policy.

Payment & platform fees handling

The marketplace processes the customer's payment and, after deducting any platform usage fees transfers the balance to the vendor. Cash payments paid within 48 hours and credit card payments within a week.

Performance Analysis

The vendor monitors sales performance through the marketplace’s analytics tools. Based on performance data and customer feedback, the vendor may adjust pricing, update product listings, or take other actions to improve sales and customer satisfaction.